Cooperation with UCT

The professionals of the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy do not make it a point to replace an attending doctor, but they are ready to help him or her. Your patient will feel more confident believing that you solve his or her problem in cooperation with best professionals in an oncology field.

We are ready to receive patients both from all the regions of Ukraine and from abroad, we cure both children and adults. To become a patient of the Center, a referral of the attending doctor is not required. But we will appreciate if you help your patient to prepare properly for the first visit of an oncologist.

The medical oncologist in the UCT will need an information about any previous examinations, procedures, or treatment of the patient. Please, prepare the following materials and medical records together with the patient:

  1. Histological slides from all the biopsies or surgeries.
  2. Results of radiation examinations: x-ray, CT, MRT, PET, bone scanning, ultrasonography.
  3. Results of endoscopic examinations: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bronchoscopy.
  4. Extracts from case histories, all medical records.
  5. List of all drugs taken by the patient, including over-the-counter medications, ONS, vitamin complexes.


The patient will be able to undergo all the necessary examinations to establish the accurate diagnosis in “Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy”.

Please, help the patient to make up a list of questions that he or she will ask the oncologist during a visit.
On the “Consultations” page, there is an approximate list of these questions for your convenience. You may change or complement them.

Normally, the visit is more efficient if any relatives or the attending doctor personally accompanies the patient for the first visit.

We will be glad to see you among the honoured guests of our Center.