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If you or your close relatives are facing the diagnosis “cancer”, or if the treatment you underwent was not efficient enough, and you would like to receive a consultation of the specialists of our Center, please be assured that we shall answer all your questions

For the most efficient consultation, we recommend you to prepare the list of questions important to you beforehand.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions by the patients. The list can be modified or complemented at your discretion.

  1. What cancer type am I diagnosed with?
  2. Do I need undergo additional examinations? Is it possible to do it at you Center?
  3. What is the stage of the disease? How far did the disease progress?
  4. How aggressive is my disease?
  5. What type of treatment do we recommend? Why?
  6. What are the expected advantages of the treatment method?
  7. Are there risks and side effects?
  8. Is there an alternative?
  9. How long will the treatment course last?
  10. Shall I have to change my way of life?

The consultation of the medical oncologist will help you to decide on further actions. On its results the strategy and tactics of further diagnosis and treatment will depend. Most probably, you will have time to think about the situation and consult your dears. Except for the situations when it is necessary to act quickly. We are ready for any situation so as to assist in the recovery of our patients.

At the pages of the website you can learn more about what you need for the first visit to the UCT.

You can book an appointment through a medical administrator in any convenient way for you.

By phone:
0 (800) 33-45-69 (calls from fixed line and mobile phones within Ukraine are free of charge)

By e-mail:

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