Second opinion

Correct diagnosis is a precondition for successful treatment. This will ensure the timeliness and the right choice of the treatment methods since certain cases leave no room for delay. What should be done in a situation when there is uncertainty about the reliability and accuracy of diagnosis?

Mistakes can be made by everybody, even by the highly qualified specialists with many years of work experience; the human factor has not been canceled, it may be due to both subjective and objective factors. But, in order to timely detect the mistake, we need an opinion of at least one more specialist. Furthermore, a person may be confronted with a situation where opinions of the specialists can be fundamentally or partly different.

It is very important in such situations to eliminate the risk of an erroneous diagnosis prior to the beginning of treatment, this will ensure the choice of the most effective and correct treatment method.

The most effective way to eliminate the risk of an error is the second opinion or reference. For receiving the “second opinion”, one more independent specialist conducts a repeated study of the examinations results (CT, MRT, x-ray examination, mammography) and issues his or her conclusion and description. If the specialists’ opinions are the same, the patient receives full confidence in the accuracy of his or her diagnosis, and this is not only necessary for an effective treatment but also provides a psychological support prior to the beginning of a complicated treatment.

Remember, we ourselves are primarily responsible for our health as well as for the accuracy of our diagnosis, and revealing the true cause of a disease and its precise and repeatedly confirmed diagnosis is not the opportunity but the necessity.

We, on our part, guarantee you:

  • Better quality of diagnosis and treatment owing to the modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, an extensive experience and practice of the doctors;
  • Access to foreign consultants who daily take part in determination of strategy and tactics of diagnosis and treatment of the UCT patients;
  • Integrity and decency, humanistic attitude towards each patient.

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