Tumor board

In most cases, the initial diagnosis “cancer” is made by the family doctor or by a specialist physician. But they are not oncologists. The correct approach when diagnosing cancer – the diagnosis should be established by a group of specialists as a result of holding a tumor board meeting.

As a rule, the tumor board includes a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist, a chemotherapist and a radiation oncologist. With attraction of specialist physicians, a pathologist, the treating doctor.

A focused specialization, first-rate diagnostic equipment, cooperation with the best clinical and pathologic laboratories – these factors play a crucial role in making a correct diagnosis. And, if required, in the further choice of successful strategies and tactics of treatment.

Each sickness case is unique and requires an individual approach. Our team, in cooperation with the best foreign specialists, will determine, during a tumor board meeting, the most meaningful and careful treatment plan so that not only to defeat the disease but also to preserve for you the quality of life and usual mode of life!

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