New experience and knowledge should back to our patients with the most effective help

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Personalized medicine is a medicine personally for you. This treatment is aimed at your disease, with your and only your tumor, if we are talking about oncology. Discussion of this approach became one of the main topics at the congress of the European Society of Medical Oncology ESMO-2019, which was held in Barcelona from September 27 to October 1.

The best of the best come to a grand medical forum every year. Here you can meet doctors, scientists, pharmacists from different countries of Europe and the world. Specialists come together to learn about the latest advances in oncology and share experiences.

Our clinical oncologists also took part in ESMO-2019: chief physician Stepan Krulko and Dr. Fadel Olaki. Experts noted that many congressional speakers reported on the results of clinical trials in their speeches. They told everybody about the effectiveness of new targeted drugs.

“By participating in the ESMO congress we were convinced that we were keeping up with the times and go together with our European colleagues. Advanced methods are available to our patients. We are treating treat more and more types of cancer with the help of targeted therapy and immunotherapy as they do in the leading clinics of the world. Each patient has some unique mutations inherent in his body, his own “breakdown” of genes. We study them and select the stages of treatment specifically for these mutations. This is the meaning of a personalized approach in oncology”, said Stepan Krulko.

Our specialists participate in international oncological forums in order for new experience and knowledge to return to our patients with the most effective help.

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