We have the support of the NCCN world oncology organization

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Many doctors, patients and cancer treatment communities were left without proper informational assistance during the development of the COVID-19. That is why the NCCN national oncology network has decided to provide certain useful resources for everyone who is struggling with cancer during a pandemic.

NCCN also recognizes that medical information about COVID-19 is changing rapidly in the oncology field. But at the same time, the community understands that a discussion to share best practices and specific tips can be of great help to others.

Therefore, NCCN specialists quickly provide oncologists with special resources — documents, treatment protocols and recommendations developed by institutions and groups that are members of the global association.

Such resources have been provided to the doctors of TomoClinic, because many of them are active members of the NCCN community.

Address any questions by phones specified on our website www.tomocenter.com.ua. Thanks to NCCN, we keep abreast of events. Our specialists remain aware of the trends in the treatment of those who continue to fight cancer despite the threat of a pandemic.

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