After treatment: keep the quality of life

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What is the quality of life after treatment? This is not only the absence of pain. The person should be socially and physically active. The quality of life after treatment is a priority for oncologists around the world. Radiation therapy is one of the essential stages of cancer treatment.

The quality of cancer treatment and life after it depends on the accuracy of the equipment and the qualification of the doctors. TomoClinic has installed modern high-precision equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including the linear accelerator Accuray TomoHD, which is unique in Ukraine. The clinic staff has training in Europe and regularly improves their qualification.

It is absolutely important for us to minimize the risk of:

– stomas and prostheses;

– damage to organ viability: so that the patient after treatment remains sighted and hearing, does not lose potency and maintains healthy heart function;

– additional concomitant diseases and disabilities.

What do we use in TomoClinic to maximize the accuracy of radiation therapy?

  1. Calculation of an exact treatment plan by physicists using special software (miscalculation of some plans may take several days).
  2. Testing the plan on special equipment (phantom) to verify its effectiveness.
  3. Conducting a low-dose CT scan and image analysis before each radiation therapy session.
  4. The equipment is officially serviced by Accuray and Elekta each year and this is a guarantee for the technological accuracy of our linear accelerators.

It is important that the effect of the rays on the tumor is accurate, but careful for the healthy organs and tissues surrounding the tumor. It will shrink the tumor and let the body recover between sessions.

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