The best in radiation therapy: putting the patient at the center of a team of professionals

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There is an immutable fact, proven by oncological science: in more than 65% of cases radiation therapy is necessary for the successful treatment of cancer, it is used either alone or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy.

We use cutting edge technology. For each patient our specialists select the best treatment option.

The technical equipment of the clinic is of great importance: the modern linear accelerator Elekta Synergy® and the TomoTherapy system, which is unique for Ukraine. This system is the only radiotherapy device with a built-in computed tomography. Its highest accuracy provides a three-dimensional distribution of the radiation dose when the linear accelerator is rotated through 360°. There are no restrictions on size, shape, type and location of the tumor. It is also possible to treat several targets at once (both small and large tumors) in one session, and in different places.

We use radiation therapy for a very wide range of cancers. We treat more than 40 localizations of the tumor process. Most often they are malignant:

  • breast;
  • the prostate gland;
  • brain and spinal cord;
  • lung;
  • head and neck;
  • rectum.

Our main success factors are: unique equipment for Ukraine, the latest technologies and teamwork of radiologists, medical physicists, X-ray laboratory assistants. Our team is our pride. After all, any equipment, even the best in the world, is useless if experienced, knowledgeable specialists do not work with it.

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