Our doctors took part in ESTRO 38: the optimal care about the patient is the main aim

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Our specialists always strive for the main goal to improve the results of patient treatment. Doctors from different countries come together for scientific conferences to achieve this goal, to share knowledge and experience. So our doctors participate in world and European congresses too.

The next European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology congress was held in Milan at the end of April. The large-scale medical forum ESTRO 38 was attended by the head of the medical department and radiologist Natalya Seregina, Deputy Chief Physician of TomoClinic and radiation therapist Tatyana Boyko, medical physicists Alexey Zinvalyuk and Dmitry Sinchuk.

The eventful congress program included educational lectures, symposiums, debates, poster presentations on various areas of radiation therapy, radio surgery, radiobiology, etc. Manufacturers of modern linear accelerators were presented their new medical equipment including Accurey and Elekta at the exhibition.

Our experts knew out about the latest immobilizing devices from Klarity. “The Klarity BiteLok device has an innovative design to improve the immobilization of the head and neck, it attracted particular attention”, said Natalya Seregina.

An experienced doctor said about discussing the combination of radiation therapy/radio surgery with other methods of special treatment for cancer patients. They emphasized the possibility to unite radiotherapy/radio surgery with immunotherapy.

Natalia Seregina also mentioned: “Almost every speaker talked about the need for a personalized approach to the treatment of cancer patients in presentation. They presented the treatment results while talking about the patients with stage III of inoperable non-small cell lung cancer. The proposed version of various techniques may be of practical importance for our clinic.

At the training lectures we received valuable information about the peculiarities of patient positioning, breathing control management, movement synchronization, which is especially important when using the SBRT technique.

The issues of re-irradiation in relapses of cancer of various localizations were also highlighted. The optimal modes (including combination with systemic treatment) were discussed taking into account possible risks and expected results. We discussed the problems of toxicity and opportunities to reduce the negative effects of radiation both at purely practical meetings and at sections on experimental radiobiology. It were interesting to listen to the number of reports on the evaluation of cognitive functions during brain irradiation.

Participation in the Congress gave us the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from other countries, share experience in the field of radiation therapy, exchange new ideas and achievements. All our new knowledge is sure to return to patients with new effective methods of treatment. We aim to maximize patient care”.

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