Time to summarize and time to go forward! Press tour in TomoClinic or the future in the present

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Our center has been operating for 4 years. We always share our news with you. There are not only our achievements, but also problems that have to be solved as in any business. We earn the trust of patients through honest work and results that speak for themselves. «Today we are the best in Ukraine and one of the best in Europe in conducting radiation therapy», — said TomoClinic`s director Vladimir Yaschenko, introducing the center at a press conference.

A conference was held in a new building for inpatient care of patients. The opening of an ultramodern and comfortable hospital brought journalists from various Ukrainian publications to Kropyvnytskyi. TomoClinic Director Vladimir Yaschenko, Director of the Health Department of the Kirovograd Regional State Administration Oleg Rybalchenko and TomoClinic Chief Doctor Stepan Krulko answeres the questions.

It was an unusual press tour. Because both the journalists and the medical colleagues arrived from Kiev to share the joy of the event with us saw one thing. Something that recently seemed like a distant future and a pipe dream was realized. The opening of the new hospital has taken place!
Photos can only partially convey those comfortable and safe conditions for our patients. There were a lot of emotions and many questions that received detailed and honest answers.

An important point was noted by Vladimir Yashchenko, presenting the chemotherapy department: «The drugs must be diluted and administered correctly, the process must be properly observed. Please note that we use special light protection systems that protect the medicine from destruction. The patient should receive maximum and effective help. Technology is the key to success treatment».

When reporters asked about the cost of hospital stay, the TomoClinic director answered: «You were able to make sure that comfort and safety in our rooms are not inferior to the first-class hotels level, the price is much lower. In addition, patients will be provided with dietary nutrition, so we will develop a menu line individually depending on the medical recommendations for each person».

The new hospital will receive the first patients soon. Not only Ukrainians, but also people from different countries come here for taking help. We are open to all, regardless of place and citizenship. We work for you to be healthy.

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