Cancer treatment

The worst stage is already, the difficult way from the first consultation, diagnostic procedures to establishing an exact diagnosis has been made. The uncertainty is left behind, we have treatment and rehabilitation ahead of us. A diagnosed disease should not be perceived as a sentence; it is a life stage which we together shall successfully overcome.

The cancer treatment is solely teamwork, and a patient and his or her close relatives are also аn integral part of this team on which the efficiency of joint efforts depends. The Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy has the best and the only in Ukraine combination of treatments methods which are aimed at achieving the most efficient outcomes with minimal consequences.

Comprehensive multidisciplinary approach

During treatment of every patient we develop an individual plan enabling us to achieve the maximum result. The individual plan is always approved by a group of specialists including a clinical oncologist, the radiologist – a therapeutic radiologist, a surgeon, a medical physicist. The maximum result is only possible through such close interdisciplinary cooperation.

We are adherents of the comprehensive approach to the treatment of cancer. The UCT has in its arsenal the newest and proven technologies of the evidence-based medicine which are approved by the global oncology community and used in the best clinics worldwide.


The chemotherapy procedures are conducted at the comfortable day hospital. In the course of the treatment we use only original medical products manufactured by the leading Western pharmaceutical companies.

The modern accompanying therapy permits to prevent and avoid in most cases development of such complications as nausea, vomiting, fever, consecutive infection etc.

The modern equipment and instrumentation enable us to conduct complex and longstanding chemotherapy sessions with a precise dosage.

The day hospital’s conveniences, individual approach and quality nursing care contribute to the psychological comfort of our patients and their quick recovery.

Surgical treatment

The Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy cooperates with the best surgeons of Kirovograd regional oncologist dispensary in terms of a selection of the surgical intervention’s optimal extent for each patient as well as during provision for surgical patients of the pre- and postoperative radiation therapy. In the framework of our cooperation, we always give priority to less traumatic operations.

The preoperative radiotherapy is intended for reducing the size of a tumor, hence, of the extent and complexity of a surgical intervention. The preoperative radiotherapy is also focused on destruction of the tumor’s peripheral cells which may be a cause of recurrence. In certain cases, application of this irradiation type helps convert an inoperable tumor into an operable one.

The postoperative radiotherapy helps destroy the cancer cells remaining after the operation and affects the lymphatic system which allows to exclude, to the extent possible, the likelihood of certain risk factors and disease recurrence. This approach maximizes the principle of the organ-sparing treatment.

We invite you to visit the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy to ascertain first-hand the allegation: diagnosis “cancer” today is not a sentence!

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