Our guarantees

TomoClinic is the only cancer center in Ukraine that can guarantee the treatment quality at the documentary level. Each patient receives a report with the treatment final results after getting radiotherapy in our clinic. This document is generated automatically by the radiotherapy apparatus without any human participation. This document with dose tables and images reflects the whole amount of implemented therapy in details.

What information this report is presenting?

  1. The volume of required dose, which was reported to the tumor. The graph shows in numerical values ​​which organ or tissue received a critical dosage, but also which organs or tissues were irradiated more sparingly or not affected at all. The document indicates what radiation load was requested to the target after it was designed with software by medical physicists.
  2. The upper part of the report presents the conditions for measurement as well as a criterion for comparing dose distribution (typically 3 mm/3% or 2 mm/2%).
  3. The images at the bottom of the report show dose distributions. For example, the box in the lower left show low radiation dose (blue indicated) and high radiation dose (red indicated). The upper box shows the way of treatment calculated by the planning system and the lower one shows the treatment measured on the phantom actually.
  4. The red-green box at the lower right is an illustration of the matching result. Green color indicates the measured value coincides with the calculated value. The accuracy is specified in the upper part of the report. Red color indicates mismatch points, yellow indicates matches close to the limit of the acceptable range.
  5. TomoClinic radiotherapists decide to conduct therapy according to a treatment plan that is at least 95% identical to that previously conducted on a special phantom of a particular patient. The medical physicist is checking the treatment plan and approving the report.

TomoClinic can guarantee by issuing a document on treatment quality:

  • We guarantee that the patient has received quality cancer therapy. The radiation dose calculated by radiological engineers is consistent with international cancer treatment guidelines.
  • We guarantee that the patient will not be over- or under-irradiated: the calculated dosage and the required amount are requested to the tumor. Exceeding may cause negative post-radiation body reactions and insufficient volume may lead to a relapse. It is unacceptable for us.
  • We guarantee to exclude the irradiation of healthy organs and tissues close to the tumor.

Currently, there are no similar clinics in Ukraine, where patients receive a report on the treatment quality. We give this document in English to the patient. It demonstrates the radiation therapy equipment logo and can be sent to any clinic in the world.