Breast cancer

“Ultrasound and MRI scans for breast oncology are paramount for any woman. And even though mammography is not shown in Ukraine before 40, then an ultrasound on an expert-class device will help doctors find pathology at an early stage. A woman after 40 years should examine the breast on her own every month, every year at the doctor’s and once a year or two she should do a mammogram. If such an oncology was not seen in relatives, such an examination can be started once a year after 50 years”.

Oleg GoroshenkoThe head of the diagnostic department at TomoClinic

Breast cancer is an oncological disease that is often diagnosed in women. A malignant tumor occurs as a result of mutations in the glandular tissue cells. Breast oncology and in particular breast cancer affects the female body, regardless of age. Previously, the disease occurred in menopause, but today breast cancer affects even younger women.

Breast cancer treatment

Innovative solutions at TomoClinic

As for modern diagnostics in TomoClinic, for example, the function of Micro Pure and elastography during ultrasound often helps doctors to identify pathology at an early stage: microcalcinates can concentrate on the place of a future tumor. In this case oncology and mammology agree on a single opinion: the tactics of observation of such a patient will be determined after conducting a professional mammography, a visit to a clinical oncologist and, possibly, a fusion-biopsy.

Radiation therapy treatment

Radiation therapy is carried out on the innovative device Elekta and TomoTherapy HD. Radiotherapy system helps to use an effective but at the same time sparing treatment. The irradiated affected areas surrounding cells are protected from the negative effects of rays. The modern method allows us to act locally.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a part of a special part of treatment aimed at eliminating a malignant tumor and reducing the likelihood of recurrence of a neoplasm. The point of the procedure is to produce gamma rays on the parts where the breast tumor is located. This will give the opportunity to eliminate the malignant cells that remained in the body after surgery.

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