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About the Center

About the Center

TomoClinic is the only Ukraine’s cancer center providing highly specialist cancer care using TomoTherapy® HD Radiation Therapy. Our patients are provided with a comprehensive range of inpatient care, advanced radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other systemic anti-cancer therapies, the most accurate and gentle methods of combating malignant tumors, the “golden standard” that is recognized by all well-developed countries. Since June 2015, hundreds of our patients have been successfully treated. Currently every patient is getting qualified medical assistance, from diagnoistics and first visit to a clinical oncologist to rehabilitation We are always looking to improve in everything we do and ensure we are continuously learning.

Treatment cycles and courses of oncological care

Consultation of a clinical oncologist

Clinical oncologist specializes in methods of diagnostics and treatment, all approaches to the fight against any cancer disease. Experienced clinical oncоlogists of TomoClinic will evaluate your condition, study medical documents, if necessary, appoint additional examinations.


We use modern methods of radiological research: magnetic- resonance imaging, including multiparameter (MPRT), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound with the use of Fusion technology (a combination of images of MRI and ultrasound). We carry out all kinds of biopsies and necessary tests, we conduct screening studies for early detection of neoplasms. We detect tumors of minimal size, complex form and localization.

Tumor Board

The Tumor Board, multidisciplinary team, consisting of oncologists, oncology surgeons, radiotherapists, chemotherapists, psychologists take the decision on the tactics of treatment. The Tumor Board decision is compulsory in treatment plan developing. This approach meets the world standards. The only way for the patient to get high chances of recovery is modern treatment techniques.


Modern Radiation Therapy. The center is equipped with the latest equipment: linear accelerator of the latest generation Elekta Agility® and the revolutionary TomoTherapy® HD spiral system. Thanks to the experience of our experts and the application of ultra-modern equipment we provide with an effective and maximum safe radiotherapy of any tumors including complex forms and sizes in any part of the body.


We apply a classic polychemotherapy, a combination of several drugs, and targeted therapy which attacks tumor cells purposefully. In addition, we conduct selective intra-arterial chemotherapy in case metastases in the liver (delivery of antitumor drugs directly to the target organ).


An innovative method, mobilization of the potential of the human immune system. Special drugs, having got involved into the immune system, fight with malignant tumors and “do not allow” them grow to divide further. In certain cases, the method helps to extend the life expectancy of patients substantially, even in the late stages of disease.


TomoClinic surgeons operate on breast, skin, thyroid gland etc. We also place ports to administer long-term drug treatment, deliver chemotherapy, preserve venous capital, lower risk of extravasation of chemotherapeutic agents. We carry out the embolization, biopsy, blockade in neoplasms under the control of angiographic equipment.


Clinical Trials

Clinical studies are conducted using the latest drugs, access to which in the ordinary practice is still limited. For some patients, participation in it is the only chance. Clinical Trials in TomoClinic are conducted strictly in accordance with international standards. Participation is possible if the disease complies with the criteria of clinical trials. The decision is made individually in each specific case.


The rehabilitation program is a set of measures aimed at rehabilitation the body. Rehabilitation in TomoClinic is conducted both during and after the treatment by the experienced specialists in rehabilitation and oncopsychology.


We accept patients from all over Ukraine and from abroad. Our mission is to improve health and wellbeing through compassionate, safe and effective cancer care.

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