Our advantages

The Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy is the first and unique health care institution in Ukraine where the most accurate, effective and attenuated treatment method – TomoTherapy – is available for the patients with oncological diseases.
The Center is equipped with all the necessary modern tools for reliable diagnostics and successful treatment. Moreover, the best specialists from all over Ukraine concerned not only with the treatment results and efficacy but with the patients’ quality of life upon the treatment, are practicing in the Center.

Accurate diagnostics

We are able to diagnose tumors of the smallest sizes, irregular shapes and locations. Experience of our oncologists and radiologists as well as cooperation with the best pathomorphological laboratories guarantee the best result in determination of the tumor’s position and disease stage.
The new technologies allow for prognostication of the tumor’s response to various methods of exposure thereby promoting selection of the most optimal treatment plan.

Complex treatment approach

Several specialists participate in the development of a detailed treatment plan for each patient. As a rule, this involves a chemotherapeutist, a surgical oncologist and a radiation oncologist, as well as an attending doctor. This therapeutic group members relying on diagnostic data, coordinate a treatment plan, which may include irradiation of the tumor, chemotherapy and surgery. As a result, each patient receives a strictly dose-tuned and surgically tailored treatment which delivers the radiation precisely to the target but sparing healthy tissues. Therefore, we provide treatment that improves the quality of life.


There is the best equipment up to date in the UCT. We do not accept compromises in the fight against cancer. You can read more about our equipment on the page “Equipment”
TomoTherapy® HD is a confident cancer treatment, a revolution in radiation therapy
It is a new type of radiation therapy for Ukraine. With its emergence the world entered into a new age of treatment of the particularly difficult oncological diseases. Over 400 oncological clinics of the world are furnished with the TomoTherapy® HD equipment. Nowadays, highly-accurate and optimal treatment is available in the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy.
The TomoTherapy® HD system is designed for treating all types and forms of tumors including the most complicated ones. In cases when the maximum endurable dose is reached for the traditional radiation method or if tumors are located in the hard-to-reach locations, TomoTherapy® HD may grant a second chance and open a new way for treatment.

Ongoing control

We are able to fully manage the data, images and procedures of each patient at any level with the help of the world’s best oncological control-information system MOSAIQ®, from the patient’s data registration to everyday control of treatment stages implementation and its effectiveness.
Objective assessment of patient’s condition.
The most precise assessment of the radiation therapy or chemotherapy efficiency can be made in the UCT with MRT. We will be glad to make an objective condition assessment during or after treatment for both the patients of our Center and patients from other clinics.

Care and service

An important advantage when choosing the UCT is an efficient and convenient organization of diagnostics and treatment processes. A patient can contact the Center at any convenient time; there is no need to wait for the queue at the reception. Each patient is accompanied by a personal consulting doctor and a personal health manager.
We also can help transfer patients and their relatives to the clinic, provide them with lodging while treatment is going on.

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