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Cost of services

Cost of treatment in the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy
Our Center offers a unique combination of treatment methods of oncological diseases, which have no analogues in Ukraine. The cost of treatment is assessed individually and depends on several factors — localization, size of tumor, disease stage, patient’s condition and age. Depending on these data, we can determine the most efficient and non-invasive method of treatment perfectly for you. Please, fill in the following message form and our professionals will contact you to clarify the necessary information and to determine the cost of treatment.

Distinguished guests of the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy, if you are faced with oncological disease and are seeking ways for solving the problem, first of all remember — with current techniques, “cancer” is not a death sentence but a vital event only, which you should overcome.

We have done our best to make the radiotherapy system TomoTherapy®HD, which is the gold standard among systems for external-beam radiotherapy in the world, available also to oncological patients in Ukraine. It is a breakthrough combined visualization and radiation treatment system providing verification of patient’s position throughout every session, every fraction. In cases where other radiotherapy instruments are forceless, TomoTherapy® HD accomplishes identified goals with minimum exposure to healthy organs and tissues.

In addition to TomoTherapy®HD, our Center has also highly-precise linear accelerator Elekta Synergy®. Exactly this system was the first in the world that allowed using 3D images in everyday practice at performing radiotherapy, and to visualize not only solid, but also soft tissue lesions with high-resolution.

Each disease case is unique and requires individual approach; our team in cooperation with the best international professionals will determine the most efficient and gentle treatment plan in a sitting of a tumor board in order not to fight the disease only but also to maintain your quality of life and conventional lifestyle!

List of required papers:

  1. Results of diagnostic examinations with image transfer, such as: CT, PET-CT, MRT, ultrasonography, x-ray, bone scanning, angiography, and endoscopy (gastro-, colono- and bronchoscopy) for last six months.
  2. Results of laboratory tests for last six months.
  3. Results of histological analyses with date of material sampling.
  4. Extracts, conclusions of your attending doctor.
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