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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are included in most international cancer treatment protocols and rightfully considered as one of the way to defeat cancer. In April of 2019 TomoClinic opened a new direction of its activity. These are clinical trials.

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What are clinical trials in oncology?

It is a big process of testing a new medicine or method for cancer. Each clinical trial has 4 stages.

The medicine is used for the first time during the first phase of the test and is performed on a small group (up to 80 participants). These are healthy volunteers or patients with certain medical conditions. The safety of the medicine or proposed treatment should be analyzed. These studies are “open”: both doctors and subjects have the information about medicine (dosages and treatment regimens).

Second stage is the time to analyze the medicine effectiveness. Testing is also carried out openly on a group of people with certain diseases (up to 300 participants). Specialists should choose the treatment schedule, the dose of new medicine and know out about the risks.

Ukraine usually has clinical trials at third phase. Treatment for 1000 unique patients with certain diseases is carried out with those medicines that have already proven their effectiveness all over the world and now must be tested in this country.

Participants receive the medicine during the third phase of the study, after this it became officially registered and released for sale. Next phase we need to study medicine after their approval. It is necessary to expand indications or register a new form of the medicine, as well as to obtain additional information about its safety. In a second, third or fourth phase of research new combinations of already approved medicines may be studied.

What does this mean for the patient?

Such clinical trials may be considered as an alternative and free chance to receive 100% guaranteed quality cancer treatment. This new medicine is likely to remain expensive for the next 10 years for all other patients.

What does this mean for clinical trial applicants?

You can get high-quality research of oncology medicines on the basis of the TomoClinic oncological center.

5 reasons why our center is ready for clinical trials

We meet all the criteria for a researcher and are ready to become one of the hospitals involved in clinical trials. TomoClinic works in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health No. 690 dated 09.23.2009:

  1. The medical staff has got sufficient training and experience in treating cancer patients.
  2. We have successful experience in conducting clinical trials, we also know about the international requirements of good clinical practice and regulatory legal acts for conducting clinical trials in Ukraine.
  3. TomoClinic has conditions for storing medicines and the necessary base for the emergency medical care for the patients in case of complications during a clinical trial.
  4. Our oncological center has placement, equipment and supplies in the amount necessary and sufficient for conducting research, we also maintain the appropriate medical documentation.
  5. TomoClinic has received international recognition and a valid quality certificate according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard in the field of oncology, conducting radiotherapy and radiosurgical treatment services, as well as radiation diagnostics. The competence of the TomoClinic laboratory is also confirmed. Our clinic regularly takes part in external quality control tests among professional laboratory testing and interlaboratory comparison trials.

Our goals and plans

The Cancer Center TomoClinic will announce the protocols of clinical trials, which would be carried out. Moreover, if necessary, a modern medicine will be used in combination with radiation, targeted, immune or chemotherapy.

We also have a plan to popularize this direction and inform patients about the details of conducting clinical trials. Each participant signs an information agreement with the clinic and can ask his doctor any question.

“Cooperation in clinical trials is a guarantee of the safety and quality of cancer treatment. It is the opportunity to work with qualified medical personnel, get a high level of organization and conduct of clinical trials”.

Free treatment

Clinical trials: modern and free treatment for common cancers
Clinical trials are studies that test the effectiveness of new methods and medicines. They have great importance for participants. This is an opportunity to receive modern, very expensive and free (!) treatment with the access to new promising methods, which are still limited in general practice.

Conducting clinical trials in TomoClinic means worldwide recognition of the doctors’ high qualifications and the equipment level.

You may contact us to participate in clinical trials and receive free treatment, if you have such diseases:

  • Lung cancer.
  • Bladder cancer.
  • Breast cancer (women and men).
  • Brain cancer.
  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Solid tumors: bone cancer (osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, etc.), soft tissue cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma, etc.), liver cancer (hepatoblastoma).

Your treatment will follow a big plan called a research protocol. This plan determines your diagnostic and treatment procedures, medicines and its dosage. You may get radiation treatment (radiosurgery) in combination with immunotherapy or chemoradiation treatment in combination with targeted or immunotherapy. It depends on your specific situation and medical condition.

Before joining our clinical trial get as much information as possible so you can understand what it will take to participate and how it will affect your condition. You also get a consultation with a clinical oncologist. It will bring clarity and certainty to your situation. You will make the right decision together with an experienced professional.
Call us at the phones listed on the site. Consultants will answer your questions and explain how to send us the necessary documentation for review.

How to get into clinical trials?

In order to get into clinical trials, it is necessary to meet certain criteria set by the research sponsor. Fill out this form to take the test and get answers to your questions

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