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Acute and comfortable radiation therapy with TOSHIBA Aquilion Large Bore

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TOSHIBA AQUILION LB is world’s first large bore computed tomography scanner with the 70 cm field-of view and 90 cm gantry aperture.  

Along with the perfect image quality it allows to increase anatomic coverage that makes this tomography an ideal scanner of both regular and specific (oncological) diagnostic examinations. It is specifically developed to meet the needs of both external and internal radiotherapy.

Unique design and technology of TOSHIBA AQUILION LB allow for the best results in planning radiation therapy. This CT scanner is designed to scan all parts of the body, including cerebrum and cardiovascular system. Aquilion LB system delivers the most accurate measurements of the paraplasms’ volumes and sizes.

The apparatus combines Toshiba’s long-term experience with the advantages of the larger gantry bore. Due to specific (90 cm in diameter) gantry aperture the system provides exceptional access to various positions.  Its scan field looks like a large fan-shaped beam.  It covers areas the most frequently used for radiotherapy.

The view field upon reconstruction allows seeing on the monitor the information from the 85-cm diameter area. Such characteristics permit to comfortably position practically any patient for diagnosing or radio therapeutic planning.

The major advantages:

  • High quality images and 3D reconstruction provide for the accurate diagnostics. Dynamic wide bore scanning allows precise estimation of the deciduous movement while radiation therapy of tumors;
  • Simple and fast examinations due to the well-considered design of the system provide for the ultimate comfort of both patients and personnel;
  • Low radiation doses for a patient.  Due to the most modern Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction in 3D (AIDR 3D) technology patient’s dose exposure is reduced by 4 times during any CT examination.
  • 16 slices. The thinnest slice – 0,5 mm – allows achieving the finest quality of imaging.
  • Scanning range is 180 cm.