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Administration-information system MOSAIQ® means confidence for both doctors and patients

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MOSAIQ is a unique solution in the area of radiation therapy planning and information flows management. This is a special information system for oncology, providing optimization of the entire oncology department with a single user interface. Due to the system radiation therapy data, the exposure settings and other treatment protocols in a single user interface are available for professionals working in different departments.

The system provides a reliable connection to virtually any linear accelerator and treatment planning system of any manufacturer, ensuring unprecedented integration and freedom in choosing the optimal treatment for physicians and patients.

With MOSAIQ, the whole medical process is controlled: from diagnostics to treatment planning and follow-up, with the possibility of detailed electronic medical record for each patient. Being the best in the world of oncological control and information systems, MOSAIQ provides full data management, imaging and procedures at every level, from the registration of patient data to daily monitoring of treatment stages and effectiveness. Moreover, MOSAIQ ensures patient safety at all stages of treatment.

Check data of quality control, automatic alerts and protocols help to identify pending tasks and warn staff about events beyond the usual practice of the department or cancel radiation procedures. MOSAIQ system performs preliminary checks prior to treatment, including patient identification, positioning and adjustment of the radiation area. Within quality control of radiotherapy, MOSAIQ system tests procedures in a single patient’s medical record.