Magnetic resonance imaging without compromise with TOSHIBA Vantage TITAN 1,5T

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VANTAGE ATLAS 1.5T is an advanced  MRT scanner providing for the high quality diagnostics without compromises on the hardware. 71 cm gantry bore opening in combination with the ultra-short 1,4m magnet makes this device the best representative in the family of similar diagnostic equipment.

The high-sensitive methods of diffusion and perfusion of whole body (pseudo PET) allow fast and the highest precision determination of the primary tumors and metastases of any size and in any part of a human body. The resolution of the method is mostly much higher than resolution of radionuclide methods of the functional diagnostics such as single-photon emission tomography (SPET), positron emission tomography (PET) or combined PET-CT.

The system is equipped with gradient coils Pianissimo. These coils are situated in a vacuum chamber with an independent suspension, which reduces acoustic noise by more than 90% compared to conventional technologies. This advanced technology enhances patient comfort, while improving performance during the entire body examinations with high resolution and signal/noise ratio.

The method is utterly safe for a patient to the contrary of PET, PET-CT and PET-MRT. It does not require infusion of radiopharmaceuticals into patient’s blood; that means that radiation exposure is eliminated.


  • Always high results reliability independently of external factors
  • The largest field-of-view 55х55х50 cm3
  • SpeederTM technology reduces examination duration by 16 times
  • AtlasTM technology allows scanning of patient’s whole body without changing coils position
  • The largest scanning range – 205 cm

Qualitative and quantitative (unique in its nature) assessment of radiotherapy or chemotherapy effectiveness.