5 years! Celebrating the first anniversary: we have something to be proud of

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It was June 15, 2015 when TomoClinic opened the door to meet the first patients. We have passed an interesting and eventful segment of the path during this time. The path of creating and developing quality cancer care that meets international standards.

We follow the main principle since we began our work. Do as much as possible to preserve human life and health. Everything is for the patient. This value system unites our doctors, nurses, administrators. Each patient and his family we want to be our active partners and assistants in treatment and rehabilitation.

The standards of the best Europe cancer hospitals became the foundation of TomoClinic activity, and we need them in order to provide people with progressive care. Our center is the first and only in Ukraine where we use a modern type of radiation therapy in the fight against cancer. It is tomotherapy. The method can be safely called revolutionary, it has no equal in effectiveness: we destroy tumors like targets, close organs and tissues are ensured and have maximum protection, we also maintain the health and quality of human life.

We provide patients with highly professional, sympathetic, evidence-based medicine assistance in almost all cancer localizations. We are together from their first visit to the clinic till rehabilitation. We use international protocols for diagnosis and treatment. The tactics of complex treatment for each person is working out individually by consultation.

Modern diagnostics are available for our patients: MRI, CT, ultrasound with elastography, all types of biopsies under hardware control, high-precision histological and immunohistochemical studies.

In treatment we use both classical and innovative methods: radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy. We participate in international clinical research programs. We use the latest equipment: linear accelerators Accuray Tomo HD and Elekta Synergy with collimator Agility, angiographic system Toshiba Infinix-i Dual Plane.

We are confident that we are the best in Ukraine and one of the best in Europe in radiation therapy today. Thanks to our activities, Ukrainians have the opportunity to receive cancer care at the world level. They have no need to leave the country, go far from their relatives and friends, get difficulties of the language barrier, spend money on flights and hotels. We accept patients from all over Ukraine, near and far abroad.

We have something to be proud of!

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