Nutrition after radiation therapy

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Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle after radiation therapy in some cases helps to prevent unwanted effects from treatment or reduce their power.

First of all, the patients after pelvic or abdominal irradiation need the diet.

You should eat at least 4 times a day, but no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

What foods and meals can and should be consumed after radiation therapy?

Meat: Mostly white muscle or organ (heart, kidney, tongue, liver)

Fish: mainly marine.

Eggs: chicken and quail.

Dairy products: all dairy products, especially cheese.

Fresh herbs: garlic, parsley, dill, celery, onion, sorrel, spinach.

Vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, beets, pumpkin, zucchini, squash, bell pepper, radish, parsnip, cabbage.

Berries: black and red rowan, currant, gooseberry, cherry, apricot, plum, wild rose, cranberry. You can eat both fresh and frozen.

Fruits: apples, pears, grapefruit.

Dried fruits: raisins, prunes, figs, dried apricots, persimmon.

Nuts and seeds.

Spices: spicy curry, turmeric, coriander, basil, marjoram, cumin, cinnamon.

Vegetable oils: flax, walnut, wheat germ, hemp — in a cold form for 1 teaspoon before eating. It is advisable to use olive oil in salads and dishes that require heat treatment.

Borodinskiy bread and other yeastless varieties.

Special foods include honey (!), apples and pumpkins baked in the oven, but not in microwave ovens.

Do not eat sour and spicy foods.

Try to eat soft foods (baby food, puree, cereals, puddings, jellies). Solid and dry food soak in water.

Drink mineral or spring water, herbal decoctions (for example: stevia and berries like wild rose), tea drinks (mate, karkade), dried fruit compotes. Juices should be drunk only natural and sugar-free (carrot, beetroot, apple, tomato, etc.) with flash.