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We often publish information about TomoClinic, our services and doctors. But for some reason we forget that something is not always in the focus of attention, but it makes you be grateful for this.

The other day we published your warm responses to our address, felt grateful for this and came to a definite opinion. You always mention everything that seems generally acceptable to us and for any modern clinic on a global scale and we consider it to be must-have in medicine. Standards that should be. “Glue” to make interaction between the doctor and the patient.

This is the warmth in communication with patients, smiles and kind words of our employees, a comfortable bed after a hard day of treatment and a dietary meal for breakfast that you want to feast on.

Everything that we envelop each patient with. Which creates an atmosphere of home and family. This is important for everyone who needs support and help, but also for our medical team. This is what creates a sincere, inspiring and motivating space at TomoClinic. What helps patients to recover and to support in difficult times, far away from their hometowns and close people nearby.

What are these things – so common for us and so pleasant for you?

  1. Humanity and kindness, spread to our patients from the first visit to the clinic or a call when answering any questions, rejecting unnecessary worries and providing useful information. Recently we have received one of these responses: “I would like to express my gratitude for your kindness, for your concern, for your patience and attentiveness. You have very nice staff. May God grant good health to you”.
  1. Attentive, sincere and benevolent attitude towards patients, because this is the beginning of any treatment. Sensitivity and care is when each visitor to the clinic is remembered as a loved one, worried about his condition, sincerely interested in his well-being. This is how you write about it in your reviews: “Many thanks to all the staff of the center for their attention and care. The diseases that you face with are not very simple. Your sensitive, benevolent attitude towards each patient additionally gives strength to fight the disease”.
  1. A varied and healthy menu for cancer patients with dietary dishes from our experienced chef: every day we prepare balanced meals that resemble our lovely dishes and help to undergo treatment in a resourceful state. One of our patients writes in a review: “I especially want to note the work of the clinic’s catering department, I rate their work as excellent. Not all sanatoriums offer such a varied menu as here. Tasty, satisfying and varied. I spent all the New Year’s holidays in the clinic, and felt myself at home with a variety of dishes. Like at home festive table”.
  1. Coziness in the corridors of the clinic, at halls, resting areas and hospital wards gives patients the feeling of being at home. There is everything for your comfort – from a kettle with herbal tea and comfortable automated beds to technical equipment and a button to call the medical staff at any time of the day. You say about it like this: “I want to say a huge human thanks to the entire team of the clinic for your ability to create coziness and warm atmosphere. I would also like to note the design of the room, everything is tasteful, pleasing to the eye. It all is important! If it was a dispensary, and not a clinic where the patients are, it would be not life, but a fairy tale!”
  1. I want to mention the professionalism of the staff. Everyone such as the cleaning lady or the head physician should do their job, be a qualified and knowledgeable specialist. The quality of your treatment is a priority for us, so we have assembled a team of experienced medical and service personnel for this. One of our clients put it this way: “High qualification of doctors, nurses, coordinators, administrators creates confidence and desire to be treated at you. All Ukrainian medicine should look to you”.

You can read the latest reviews of TomoClinic patients as well as leave your own. Thank you for every warm word to TomoClinic.

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