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TomoClinic: Early detection and in-time care for a better chance of survival!

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лікування раку в україні

We know that waiting times are a very sensitive issue for patients as they may feel anxious of not receiving the appropriate level of care in time. We put tremendous effort into battling with this life threatening disease. Patients from all over Ukraine, the near and far abroad come to our clinic. It is primary important for they to stay and have good living conditions during treatment. Comfort and care of medical staff contribute to a positive attitude.  A good mood and trust in doctors give strength and energy to fight cancer.”

                                                                                                   Stepan Krulko,

MD, Chief Physician of TomoClinic

Cancer along with cardiovascular disease remains one of the most threatening enemies to our life and wellbeing. Early diagnosis, appropriate treatment and rehabilitation are major advances which give our patients confidence that their cancer will be cured.

Our priorities are: 

– an affordable anti-cancer treatment in Ukraine;

– treatment of breast, head and neck, gastrointestinal, thoracic, gynecologic and urologic cancer through state-of-the-art medical equipment and smart systems within 24 hours;

– effective and maximum safe Tomoherapy radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy;

– modern methods of radiological research: Magnetic-Resonance Multiparameter Imaging, Computer Tomography, Ultrasound Fusion;

– the team of experts in medical and surgical oncology;

– biopsies, tests, screening studies;

– disease-specific tumor boards;

– second opinion;

– onco-psychological support.

Who is our clinic for? 

  • For resident and non-resident patients undergoing radiation therapy.
  • For all patients undergoing chemotherapy and need hospitalization.
  • For patients who have undergone surgical treatment.
  • For resident and non-resident patients who come for the consultation of TomoClinic specialists or for 2nd opinion. They have an opportunity to stay comfortably for one, two days or more.
  • For accompanying person, thus such service is not provided by most European clinics. We are doing everything possible to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for the patients and the accompanying persons.


The wards provide everything for the convenience of living: modern furniture, plasma TVs, 24-hour Internet access, nice bedding sets, nurse call buttons. There are cozy lounges for relaxing with a beautiful view from the panoramic windows.

The patients are provided with 3 meals a day: the buffet and diets recommended by the physician. Breakfast is available for accompanying persons and guests.

All our inpatients are under constant care of experienced medical staff. There is a 24-hour nurse’s station.

Despite the fact that the level of comfort and safety of the clinic is similar to high rank hotels, the cost of staying in the clinic is lower than in a hotel and several times lower than in many private clinics.

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