What was 2021 for us: practice, science and life

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In 2021 we continued to develop all the ways of fighting against cancer and were working through the pandemic with unprecedented safety measures.

Our surgeons have performed hundreds of complex surgeries: urological, gynecological, gastrointestinal, head and neck area, biliary tract area, skin and soft tissues. Most of the surgical interventions were performed using a sparing laparoscopic method. Oncoplastic surgery for diseases of the mammary glands not only preserved the health of our patients, but also the beauty of the breast. Surgical master classes were held on the basis of TomoClinic with the participation of leading Ukrainian specialists.

We have continued, developed and expanded clinical research programs (lung cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancer). It has provided our patients modern and very expensive treatment limited in usual practice yet but free for participants of these programs (at the expense of pharmaceutical companies).

Endoscopic examinations were also launched last year. We were using premium-class equipment: the FUJINON EPX-4450HD digital video endoscopic system. The wide capabilities of this equipment allowed our specialists to use it both for conventional endoscopic procedures and for important manipulations during examinations. For example, the removal of colon polyps or a biopsy (taking a piece of tissue for further analysis). Video examination of stomach, large intestine or lungs are widely and successfully carried out today.

Throughout 2021 our doctors took part in large-scale international and Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences, also as speakers.
One more important achievement of 2021. We were the first in Ukraine to conclude an agreement with a state institution, the National Health Service, on conducting one of the main and very expensive stages of treatment (chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or surgery) free for patients (at the expense of the National Health Service). This is a vivid example of public-private partnership, one of the most important forms of cooperation. The aim is to give Ukrainian people a high-quality and affordable medical care. It have a great importance in oncology, because the treatment of cancer is usually complex, multi-stage and expensive one.

Another significant event took place last year. Our center has signed a cooperation agreement with the Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine. Joint work is carried out with three departments of the university: oncology; radiology; nuclear medicine, radiation oncology and radiation safety. The medical students will be able to complete their internship on the basis of our clinic, doctors will be able to complete their residency. In addition, specialists got the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, engage in scientific work, prepare and defend dissertations on the most pressing topics of modern oncology. Medical students, interns will also be able to conduct scientific work, participate in master classes, gaining new experience and skills. This event is extremely important for patients. After all, the new knowledge of doctors necessarily returns to patients with new effective methods of treatment.

We also had a breakthrough in the treatment of lymphoblastic leukemia in 2021. It became true thanks to the highest professionalism of our radiation therapists and the unique equipment of the clinic. TomoClinic doctors in collaboration with colleagues from the Kiev Center for Bone Marrow Transplantation successfully performed the most complicated process of total body irradiation with subsequent planning of bone marrow transplantation for the first time in Ukraine. This is the world standard for a significant group of patients. The aim is to kill completely the bone marrow affected by cancer and transplant it after special preparation.

Now Ukrainians with such a severe blood cancer as lymphoblastic leukemia have access to advanced treatment methods just like in all developed countries of the world. Now we have a new age in the medicine in our country, but before people who needed total body irradiation could only be treated abroad.

Nevertheless, the main result of 2021 is our steady progress towards our goals. We used all the opportunities for development, for new achievements, for gaining new experience and skills even in difficult conditions.

It’s already 2022 on the calendar. We cannot predict what events it will bring to the whole world and our country. However, we believe that in the coming year people will get sick less, devoting more time to their health. We wish they do not forget about rest and put their attention to save life. And we are always there, ready to treat, help and support every person who turns to us for help.

Happy New Year!

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