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A precise diagnosis makes the basis for efficient treatment

Successful treatment of cancer diseases is directly related to the qualitative and reliable diagnostics. Only the use of advanced technologies and diagnostic techniques ensures a precise diagnosis.

This simple statement is especially true in the case of diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases. Correcting the situation after a wrong diagnosis and initiation of a wrong treatment would be very cumbersome or even impossible.

We at the UCT rely, in our every day work, on the best global standards of cancer care that serve as a basis in the Western oncologic praxis.

Diagnose and treat cancer should an oncologist

In most cases, the initial diagnosis “cancer” is made by the family doctor or by a specialist physician. But they are not oncologists. The correct approach when diagnosing cancer is: the diagnosis should be established by a group of specialists as a result of holding a tumor board meeting.

As a rule, the tumor board includes a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist, a chemotherapist and a radiation oncologist. With attraction of specialist physicians, a pathologist, the treating doctor.

A focused specialization, first-rate diagnostic equipment, and cooperation with the best clinical and pathologic laboratories – these factors play a crucial role in making a correct diagnosis. And, if required, in the further choice of successful strategies and tactics of treatment.

Regular checkups

Doctors of the World Health Organization, oncologists of the European and American professional associations recommend to regularly attend checkups for an early detection of cancer diseases of various localizations.

The oncologists’ recommendations as to their necessity are unambiguous. The checkups are quite informative so that you could remain calm pending the next examination or an unscheduled checkup.

You can perform the preliminary diagnostic examinations in the clinic you got used to. Thanks to many years of efforts by the oncologists, family doctors, physicians, gynecologists, roentgenologists and doctors-specialists, we are well informed on the precursory symptoms of cancer of various localizations.

Why, for obtaining a precise diagnosis, should you contact the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy?

It is fair to say that at the Ukrainian Center of TomoTherapy we have invested into the employees and the premium class equipment. Experience multiplied by the equipment’s high sensitivity and detailed visualization means the most accurate assessments and high reliability of the received results.

Examination of all organs and body systems using TOSHIBA AQUILION LB CT system. Absence of any radiation exposure with TOSHIBA Vantage TITAN 1,5T MRT. High-quality ultrasonography visualization with Aplio ™ 500 Platinum minimizes the need for use of additional diagnostic tools – contrast agents and invasive methods (biopsy).

Performing a biopsy

The amazing accuracy and sensitivity of TOSHIBA Aplio™ 500 Platinum ultrasound machine allow to minimize cases of performing a painful biopsy procedure. However, we cannot totally exclude the necessity of this procedure.

In this case we are helped by the same assistants: the ultrasound machine and the CT scanner. With their aid, a doctor will identify, with maximum precision, the area for performing an invasive procedure.

Pathomorphology and laboratory diagnostics

The results of a pathomorphological examination are particularly important for determination of the exact stage of the cancer and the presence of concomitant diseases. This is the only correct way to answer the question “Cancer or not cancer”.

We cooperate with the leading laboratories in and outside the country. All necessary histological and immunohistochemical studies as well as clinical and biochemical analyses are conducted under our control. Where necessary, we shall also conduct a genetic analysis so as to ascertain the risk of emergence of the specific oncological diseases.

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