Ultrasonography (US)

Ultrasonography with the machine of premium class TOSHIBA Aplio™ 500 Platinum

TOSHIBA Aplio™ 500 Platinum is a flagship of the ultrasound machines of new series delivering high efficiency in the clinical use.

The unique base technologies of this system provide unprecedented levels of clinical precision, performance and usability which makes it possible to conduct a diagnosis more faster and reliable than ever. The machine has everything for an accurate diagnosis: an in-depth visualization, quantitative evaluation and the possibility of undertaking interventional procedures.

The machine features the capability to deeply “recognize” tissues, even in the most “complex” patients. The examinations provide images of unsurpassed homogeneity on which the smallest details of the structures’ borders or of abnormal focuses can be seen. This considerably raises the value of a diagnosis.

The 3D/4D visualization opportunities allow for a better understanding of the anatomic correlation between the structures or to evaluate the spread of pathological changes.

TOSHIBA Aplio™ 500 Platinum has programs of in-depth examinations:

  • Acoustic Structure Quantification (ASQ) allows to estimate quantitatively and qualitatively in real time the homogeneity of the liver;
  • Elastography helps, with high precision, sensitivity and repeatability, to determine the location and give an estimate of neoplasms by the tissue compliance;
  • MicroPurеTM uniquely visualizes the micro-calcifications (markers of the process of transformation of the cells and tissues of mammary glands and other superficial organs into malignant ones).
  • Smart Fusion allows to compare the ultrasound image with the CT/MRT data for a rapid detection of a pathology in real time and a complete assessment of the object’s anatomy.

The main clinical application in the oncology:

  1. Early detection of neoplasms in the gastro-intestinal tract organs (hepatic ducts, gastrointestinal tract).
  2. Detection of neoplasms of the mammary gland (review of small ducts of the mammary gland).