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Elekta Synergy® high-precision linear accelerator

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Elekta Synergy® linear accelerator was developed in a close cooperation with the world’s leading clinical institutions in the area of radiotherapy; thus, the system provides such an important for oncologists and radiologist solution as visualization during radiation sessions for more quality treatment of oncological diseases.

That was the first world’s system to allow using 3D images in day-to-day practice of radiation therapy, and high-resolution visualizing of not only hard but also soft tissue lesions. This solved two major problems of modern radiotherapy: the movement of internal organs during the session, and errors in patient placement.

Three-dimensional image allows physicians to see a tumor, intact healthy organs and tissues surrounding the tumor, as well as their movement between and during the exposures. These abilities are being expanded and improved up to this day. Modern linear accelerator Elekta Synergy® provides wide opportunities for 3D and 4D volumetric soft tissue imaging, 2D fluoroscopic imaging mode for targets with high frequency movement.

High accuracy of hitting the target, the minimum damage to healthy tissue

Elekta Synergy® provides highly accurate irradiation of the tumor with minimum damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. The quality of radiotherapy intensity is controlled by a system of expanded visual inspection (IGRT) with high resolution in 2D/3D/4D mode.

High accuracy and excellent clinical results are ensured with the integrated modules with common isocenter, namely digital linear accelerator, megavolt gantry imaging device, high resolution volumetric X-ray imaging system, as well as fully integrated multileaf collimator.

As a result, a patient and a doctor are assured of high precision dose delivery, clinical reliability and the ability to increase the dose supplied to the tumor, reducing the burden on the surrounding healthy tissue.

Ongoing treatment quality control 

The Elekta Synergy® uses innovative technology of volumetric X-ray imaging (XVI), which allows to regularly receiving three-dimensional image of the tumor before the procedure, reducing the risk of errors due to movement of internal organs or tumors.

Visualization of soft tissue with VolumeViewTM method reduces risk of geometric mistakes. This makes it possible to confirm the position of the tumor and an exposed healthy organ immediately before the procedure and, if necessary, change the position of the patient. Thus, we use the exact three-dimensional targeting of a tumor and minimize the side effects of radiation therapy.