We use IGRT technology: healthy organs are outside the radiation fields

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We can carry out complex and precise procedures using high technologies. It is possible due to the most advanced radiation therapy devices placed in our center. We have system of Tomotherapy unique for Ukraine and a linear accelerator Elekta Synergy®. This is of great importance for all patients who undergo radiotherapy with us: the tumor is targeted to liquidate and healthy tissues have the minimum impact too.

To help you understand how critical it is to use the latest equipment in your work, we will explain you something.

What is the danger of outdated devices?

In fact, the human body is not static: all of our organs perform normal physiological movements. It is the variability (change) in the location of individual organs that limits the accuracy treatment can be carried out. This leads to uncertainties and errors in clinics that still use outdated equipment for radiation therapy, in particular cobalt machines.

Working with outdated equipment in order to compensate changes in the position of organs, it is necessary to expand the boundaries of the treatment field, which is inevitably associated with irradiation of healthy tissues. It may cause more side effects and increases the risk of long-term consequences.

What are the advantages of our equipment and why do we use IGRT technology – image guided radiation therapy?

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to reduce the limits of treatment fields and ensure high accuracy of dose delivery to the tumor.

We use image guided radiation therapy – IGRT technology. The peculiarity of this therapeutic technique is that every day before the next session specialists check the position of the organs. They also compare it with the position in which they should be.

Before each procedure the patient undergoes a CT scan. Our doctors receive images of the tumor and surrounding tissues. By comparing correct and newly obtained results we can determine what changes need to be made. These corrections are necessary in order to place the patient in a precisely planned position.

The use of IGRT technology allows us to constantly monitor changes. If the boundaries of a tumor shift, the system stops the process. It signals to specialists that it is necessary to reschedule, otherwise healthy tissues can be damaged. That is, the system itself does not allow dangerous exposure, and the doctors change the plan.

“We do not invent anything, but we use technologies that are used in the world to make radiation treatment as effective and as gentle as possible,” emphasizes the director of our center, Vladimir Yashchenko.

Thanks to IGRT we can be sure that each session the tumor receives a lethal dose for it and all surrounding healthy structures are really outside the radiation fields.

All this help to improve treatment results and to decrease in the frequency and severity of side effects.

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