Prostate cancer

“Sadly, but almost every 7 men has prostate cancer. According to statistics, almost every third new case of prostate cancer is detected quite by accident. The disease progresses slowly, symptoms appear already at stages 3-4. The tumor metastasizes to other organs at the 4th stage. If the disease is detected in the early stages, then the prognosis of the treatment results is favorable. Stage 3-4 tumors require emergency treatment and have worsen prognoses”.

Stepan KrulkoDoctor’s opinion TomoClinic chief physician and clinical oncologist

The prostate gland is a small organ located under the bladder. The prostate has an important secretory function and is the main gland in the male body.

Prostate cancer treatment

Innovative solutions at TomoClinic

Prostate cancer treatment in TomoClinic is selected individually. Often used combined treatment. Radiation therapy is a quality alternative to surgery. The clinic has installed modern linear accelerators, allowing the tumor to be irradiated with minimal irradiation of healthy organs and tissues.

Radiation therapy treatment

Treatment with radiation therapy usually requires 20-30 sessions, but when fighting cancer, the patient has a high chance of maintaining potency and healthy urination. Thanks to its high precision and less trauma, it is radiation therapy that becomes an alternative to surgery to preserve male health in the future.

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer

In modern medicine, one of the most effective and common methods of treating prostate cancer is tomotherapy. The advantages of this method are obvious: tomotherapy eliminates such side effects as erectile dysfunction or urinary and fecal incontinence, which often occur after surgical treatment. Thus, after completing a course of tomotherapy, a man will soon be able to return to a full life.

Before the course of treatment specialists set the exact dose of radiation individually for each patient. This helps maximize the potential of tomotherapy to treat prostate cancer without affecting nearby organs and tissues. Properly established radiation dose reduces the risk of recurrence in the future.

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